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EC Pops is “Going Pink” for the Month of October to Raise Money for Blossoms of Hope

EC Pops is “Going Pink” for the Month of October to Raise Money for Blossoms of Hope

Blossoms of Hope trees grow in Centennial Park and throughout Howard County to serve as a beautiful reminder that there is always hope.

Happy October, popcorn fans! The weather is cooling off, and soon the leaves will be changing. It is also breast cancer awareness month. To do our part to help raise awareness, and funds, to help those affected by this horrible disease, EC Pops has partnered with a fantastic local non-profit organization called Blossoms of Hope: The Howard County Tree Project. Throughout the month, we will be featuring a number of pink products. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these products will go directly to Blossoms of Hope to help them with their mission. Come on out and support the cause!

About Blossoms of Hope: The Howard County Tree Project

In 2004, a group of Howard County residents, business owners, and public officials got together and planted some cherry trees in Centennial Park in Ellicott City. This was the start of an initiative called “Blossoms of Hope”. The idea behind it was to use the trees to beautify Howard County and to use funds raised from sponsoring the trees to increase the quality of life for cancer patients.

In 2005, Blossoms of Hope became its own non-profit organization. In 2006, after just two years, 1,000 trees had been planted. Since their beginning, Blossoms of Hope has donated over $275,000 to the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center. Every year they partner with different local businesses to raise money for their cause.

Today, over 200 Blossoms of Hope trees are growing in 18 groves on public land throughout Howard County. 300 more grow along State and county roadways, 300 more were planted by corporate partners on their private land, and more!


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